American Mine Door

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Company Overview
American Mine Door is an OEM manufacturer with a long history of fabricating underground ventilation mine door systems and specialty equipment to the mining industry across the globe. Established in 1906 and based in Cleveland, Ohio.
Company Details
6200 Harvard Ave.
Cleveland, OH 44105
United States
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Export Details
Peter Hallahan(Vice President):
Peter Hallahan(Vice President):
We are currently exporting and we are interested in other export opportunities
Democratic Republic of the Congo, South Africa, Russia, United States, Canada, Ecuador, Chile, Dominican Republic
Direct Sales
Canada, Mexico
Export Categories
Mine Doors
Product Categories
Electrical Equipment & Supplies
Electrical Equipment & Supplies
Fire Protection Equipment
Hydraulic System Components
Liners: Rubber, Steel, Ceramic & Plastic
Metal Fabrications
Mine Doors
Ventilation Equipment-Fans, Blowers, Tubing, Brattice, Instruments, etc.